New Blog.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010 | |

I've decided to start a fresh blog and leave me old work behind. Most of which I'm no longer a fan of...

So when you get a chance, have a look at all my new photo's that will be now going up at, I will be posting work from late last year onward.

Down the Drain

Tuesday, February 16, 2010 | |

Some shots from a while back. Despite the extreme heat, these boys where simply chilling and and skating in some local drainage.


Monday, February 15, 2010 | |

Lee and Me are having a photographic exhibition over the next month, or so, consisting of the work from a few local photographers, including myself.

This Thursday afternoon (Feb 18th) at 3:00pm I'm inviting everyone to the opening of the exhibition. All photo's are for sale, and there will be refreshments such as champagne... yeah, now your coming right?

Lee and Me is a cafe/boutique situated across the road from the Glasshouse Tavern in Wollongong. I, and the other photographers hope to count on your support and see you at the exhibition.


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A few guys I know tend to be a bit 'creepy' if I may say...

Experimental night shooting has led me to this series of photo's based on my envisioned image of nights by the lake. Now, you too, can see what I see through ocular vision. Enjoy and endure.

Travelling hellmen.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009 | |

Waking at 4:00am, covering enough miles to use a ful tank of fuel, I was the accompanying photographer for rider's Taylor Jones, Clay Smith, Brenley Steuart and Jamie Steuart. First off was the winding road to Pipe, the break to which we layed our eyes on dissapointment. None-the-less, conditions were sizey so we managed to have a lunch break and shore bash at Cullburra after being denied entry to the NAVY base in the search of a wave. By noon Gerroa was a passing frenzy of clean pealers off the rocks and a tidy bombie, shortly after Kiama had the swell but had the crowds as well. Petrols low and 1:00pm hit; dispite thirty-odd degree heat and gates closed due to a fire ban, bushes were walked and barbed wire fences climbed in the hunt for an intense right hander. Unseen at this size, the pack of four sucked it in and paddled out for possibley some of the heaviest waves of their lives yet. Below is a tight summary of the day and its highlights.

The cut

Friday, November 6, 2009 | |

I was just going through a few shots that I had never been overly fond of. I tried altering the contrast, colour and even 'photoshopping' other images into them, but nothing worked. So I decided to crop them, perhaps to make the simpler aspect of the image more focused and dominant. These photo's where originally much larger and the subject that you now see was hardly noticeable prior to the HDTV cropping.


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The '62 Chevey Belair from Woonona is a fine family jewel. My uncle had worked on it for a good 20 years, or more. Its quite a photogenic beast as you can tell from the shots below, and has also made numerous magazines. I have a large number of photo's of the car, but have decided to only put up four.

Lights without power

Wednesday, November 4, 2009 | |

Over the months I've been fascinated with light bulbs and natural light. Simple colours contrasted with a powerful golden or orange sunset backfill seems to grab the attention of a wondering eye, in this case mine. On a couple of different evenings I took some shots that I quite liked. Have a look for yourself, nothing too special, just interesting.

The simple stuff

Sunday, October 18, 2009 | |

I was digging through files and files over the past few days, finding the oldest of shots. Many of these shots where black and white and I found a few of them interesting enough to post. So here are the ones I like and as a result, decided to share.

Of moons, birds and Kiama?

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Took a fine trip down the near southern regions last week. Mystics looked fun comming down the hill, though our eyes deceived us. It turned dirty onshore and ruined the morning. So we collected a few more soliders and headed to the lovely town of Kiama. Here, I picked up a few interesting shots of the bombie including a very bright flower that I then stepped on, my bad. Below are a small number of the shots taken.